“We do whatever the heck we want.” Little Mix are SASSY, not sexy.

Our babes Little Mix recently did an interview with the BBC and have spoken out again about the overly sexual images some female pop stars use. Speaking about their choreography, they’re just not into suggestive dancing and being forcefully sexy.  They’re sassy, not sexy.

Jade said “There’s no need to do that kind of dancing. Obviously, sometimes we do do a bit of sexy dancing but it’s more empowering.” followed by Perrie saying “Yeah, it’s sassy. Not gyrating on the floor thrusting our vaginas.” These girls do make us laugh!


“We’re in our own lane, we know what we stand for. We want to inspire people. If we’re a bit sexy, we’re a bit sexy, if we’re not, we don’t really care. We don’t feel like we have to have really skimpy outfits. We do whatever the heck we want.”


They’re dominating the UK charts with ‘Black Magic’ and we’re crazy excited for their new album. We think Little Mix are fabulous as they are and should keep doing what they’re doing!


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