Little Mix ‘Salute’ – amazing album alert!

We love Little Mix at MP! HQ and so the minute we got the chance to get our mitts all over the talented foursome’s second studio album, the awesomely-titled ‘Salute’, we had to check out the tunes and get back to you with what’s important and what you should know going in there.

Which song is the perfect tune for announcing your presence anywhere?

‘Salute’ is amazing. The entire album feels like four girls walking respectfully in Beyonce’s footsteps and carving their own sound out, so ‘Salute’ sounds like ‘Run The World’ but much more straightforward and global. Lead single ‘Move’ could also be an epic intro to your everyday.

Best song for Summer 2014?

‘Nothing Feels Like You’ is a massive tune with a sunny production and just that wonderful ‘I’m in love with you’ vibe that sells summer songs. We could totally see this with a bright video driving in a car somewhere. It kind of sounds like the totally amazing ‘End of Time’. Definitely the most ‘pop’ song on the album.

Best ballad?

The ballads are pretty decent too – ‘Towers’ is a chilly ballad suitable for colder climes and ‘These Four Walls’ has ‘X Factor winner’s single’ all over it, in a very good way. ‘Good Enough’ is also a dramatic ballad, but perhaps not as memorable. The best, however, is ‘Little Me’, a 90s ballad full of solid R&B choruses, and is set to become a single.

Worst song?

There aren’t any ‘bad’ songs really, but there are a handful that are a bit ‘meh’ and mediocre – ‘Mr Loverboy’ is a bit of a cliche tune and bonus track ‘They Just Don’t Know’ is a bit dull.

Anything as good as ‘Wings’?

‘A Different Beat’ sounds very much like the true sequel to ‘Wings’ – a big production, upbeat sound, and a big empowerment rush running through it. The whole thing is a fantastic upbeat end to the standard record.

Is there any song as life-changing as ‘DNA’?

No, but there’s still loads to enjoy. ‘About the Boy’ is a fierce stomper and ‘Competition’ has a fantastic R&B production. Plus ‘Salute’ has an actual air siren at the start. So there’s that.

How would you describe the album?

A very solid and well-produced R&B-pop effort from the girls which manages an impressive feat in being better than their first record. Songs like the standouts ‘Little Me’ and ‘Boy’ are proclaiming the girls as the future of R&B girl groups and should be a major success on both sides of the Atlantic.

‘Salute’ is out on 11th November 2013. Check out the video for lead single ‘Move’ below:

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