7 times Little Mix proved gal pals are the best. They are literal friendship goals.

We love our gal pals and we aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Little Mix are truly BFF goals. After being put together four years ago, not only was it fate for the band, but they’ve found their friends for life. Here are 7 times Little Mix proved that gal pals are just the best ever.


  1. Jesy didn’t need to think for a second on who her bridesmaids were going to be

After becoming betrothed to Jake Roche, wedding plans definitely have been the must ask question to Miss Nelson. When speaking to MailOnline at Kiss FM’s Haunted House Party, she said: ‘Of course the girls will be my bridesmaids. I wouldn’t have anyone else.’ Awww!

2. They were there for Perrie after Zerrie ended, like any good friend would be

Although Pezza was a strong trooper when dealing with the aftermath of her break up with Zayn, the girls stayed by her side and looked out for her. Even when she broke down on stage when singing the emotional lyrics to ‘The End’, the girls stopped immediately to comfort their girl. Bless!

3. The girls shot back at Katie Hopkins’ nasty tweet about Jesy When big mouth, Katie Hopkins, posted her unwanted and stupid opinion about Jesy’s weight on Twitter, the girls were having absolutely none of it.  When talking to The Huffington Post, Jade bit back, saying  “I just think she [Hopkins] is a really sad person… I think it’s really sad that she has to try and find some kind of limelight by slating everyone else.She wouldn’t have a job if she wasn’t horrible about people and I find that really sad. Can’t she just get a normal job and be nice about people?” SLAY, Jade. We’d totally do the same thing for our girls.

 4. They were matching for Halloween; SQUAD GOALS

little mix kiss fm In honour of attending the KISS FM Haunted House party, the girls decided to exceed squad goals by going as a group costume. And what better idea than to go as the famous rock band ‘Kiss’?!

5. They still have sleepovers, like the one they had for Jesy’s birthday!

Despite being with each other a lot, the girls still choose to spend their free time with each other and even have some of the best sleepovers. We wish we were invited, tbh.

6. They had a date to the zoo

How cute was it when the girls headed to London Zoo for the day together earlier this year?

7. When Minnie Mouse became part of Little Mix for the day

Little Mix Disney

The girls even love to go on holidays together – especially Disneyland Paris! How adorable was it when they posed outside the castle with Minnie Mouse and created the perfect squad pics?

Have we missed out any important moments where the girls proved gal pals are the best? Tweet us your fave Little Mix friendship moments @maximumpop pls and thanx.

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