LISTEN: Little Mix let us have a listen to 2 new ‘Get Weird’ tracks ‘Lightning’ and ‘Weird People’.

We’ve really got that Friday feeling today with all the new music that’s been lobbed onto the Internet. Not only have label buddies One Direction released ‘Perfect’ but Little Mix have treated us to not 1 but 2 new songs taken from their upcoming album release on November 6th.

The girls have already dropped ‘Black Magic‘, ‘Love Me Like You‘ and ‘Hair‘ but they’re pretty much the gift that just keeps on giving.

Instead of faffing around let’s just have a listen shall we? First up it’s ‘Lightning’ a slightly more down tempo ditty which could be the one the girls were hinting at being the follow up to ‘DNA’.

We feel like dancing around like Elsa from Frozen then twerking when that beat comes in to play.

Love that? Of course you did. Next up it’s ‘Weird People’ another throwback to the 80’s. We encourage to get your hair into the highest ponytail and start flipping that around, you sassy minx you.

There’s so many possible bad dance moves we can do to this, can the album just hurry up now please?

Oh, just incase you wanted more they’ve also plopped a Christmassy version of ‘Love Me Like You’ online which of course has bells in. It’s probably got all of Santa’s reindeers hooves clip clopping sampled in it as well if you listen carefully enough.

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