Little Mix talk ‘Wings’, Tulisa, Beyoncé and impersonating Cowell!

They were the first group to win The X Factor. They sold 400,000 copies of their debut single, ‘Cannonball’. Their album is one of the most anticipated pop records of the year. Today they are number one with ‘Wings’. Maximum Pop! talk to Little Mix.

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Hello, Little Mix. Congratulations!! You girls have spent weeks travelling around the UK promoting the record and your hard work has paid off. How do you kept yourselves entertained on the road?
Perrie: We always try to have fun and make each other laugh! We are all totally nutty and our lives are just so crazy now so that’s how we keep our friendship fresh, really. Besides, when we do have work to do we all try to make it as fun as possible.

What sort of things do you do to calm the nerves before going on stage?
Jesy: We do accents all the time, or we will act out films. We have never done a Simon Cowell impression though… maybe we could try it out tonight if we pull our trousers up?!

If you could be any other popstar for the day, who would you choose and why?
Leigh-Anne: If we could be any other popstar for the day we would probably all choose Beyoncé! She is all round amazing. She’s our idol!
Perrie, Jesy and Jade: Yeah, Beyoncé!

Will you be doing any collaborations for your album?
Perrie: There are no collaborations on the album YET but there might be some to come… wait and see!

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Out of all the greatest girlbands that have ever existed, which one will your sound be most like?
Jade: We tried to make our album as versatile as possible so there will be elements of every girlband in there but there is quite a Destiny’s Child vibe to it.

How do you deal with people being bitchy or rude on Twitter?
Jesy: When it comes to people being nasty to us on Twitter you have just got to ignore it. You are always gonna get it, and it is why we have got each other, it keeps us strong!!

Are you still in touch with Tulisa?
Perrie: When we spotted her at T4 on the Beach she was getting dragged one way and we were getting told to go another so we didn’t get to chat, which was a shame – but we are still really close to her and she’s a great mentor.
Jade: We LOVE ‘Young’ so much – it’s our favourite song of the year!

You’re number one in the singles chart – everyone is loving ‘Wings’! How does that feel?
Jesy: Our new single has been our baby for so long so it’s amazing that the reaction has been so great! It was a bit odd when we performed it for the first time as nobody knew it but our die-hard fans had already memorized the lyrics!

Well everybody knows it now! Thank you very much, Little Mix.
All: Thank you!!

Little Mix’s debut album is due in November. We can’t wait!

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