Little Mix have been turned into ice cubes, yes ice cubes. It’s amazing.

We have seen some crazy fan art in our time (remember the Taylor Swift lego face?) and now you have fan art which is available in your drink!

As temperatures get back on the rise,  Thorpe Park Resort commissioned the miniatures of the girls to ‘Salute’ Little Mix’s headline gig on 17th July at the Resort’s brand new music event, ‘Island Beats’ a series of concerts and late night rides with some of the UK’s biggest bands and artists from now until 30 August.



Jo Daignault, the sculptor of these ice cubes, and her team of five took over 50 hours dedicated to each sculpture which measures just 30mm wide by 40mm tall. That’s definitely some ‘Black Magic’ right there.

THORPE PARK Resort has commissioned special Little Mix ice cubes to celebrate their upcoming ISLAND BEATS series of summer music events taking place at the resort, including a Little Mix gig on Friday 17 July. It took sculptors XX hours to create each cube, which measures XXmm by XXmm.  Special Little Mix mocktails, featuring the ice cubes, will be served in the backstage VIP bar during Little Mix’s show.

Talking about the works of art, Jo said:

“Creating a portrait on a blank canvas is challenging, but when you have a clear cube, which can be looked at from all angles, the difficulty is increased ten-fold. We needed to ensure the angle of the face would look right from several angles.”

“Then we focus on the micro-engraving of key features such as the hair and shape of eyes – this is a key characteristic you must get right to ensure a good likeness. Finally we test each portrait to ensure it can absorb and reflect light.”

“When analysing each of the portraits before starting, we found Perrie the easiest to recreate due to her clear line of symmetry and strong features. Leigh-Ann was the trickiest; we used a variety of layering methods, to create her iconic hair style. The personalisation also proved fiddly, Jade’s bow took 5 hours to get right and Jesy’s Cleopatra-shaped eyes needed 5 drafts before we perfected them.”

The ‘Little Mix-ers’ will be put to good use backstage in a range of mocktails served before their headline show, including Jesy’s Sunset Salute (Grenadine, orange, soda (orange, red bottom), Perrie’s Perfect DNA (Mango, passionfruit, soda (yellow, pink top), Jade’s Cannonball Cocktail: (Pineapple and coconut creamy) and Leigh-Ann’s Love Drunk Punch (Lime, melon, mint, soda (green))

little mix gif

We can’t wait to try them and we’ll be live tweeting everything from the @maximumpop account.

Click here to find out more about Thorpe Park’s Island Beats.

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