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Amazing Album Alert: A track-by-track review of Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’.

2012 brought us ‘DNA’, one of the best debut albums of our time. 2013 brought us ‘Salute’, one of the best sophomore albums of our time. 2014 brought us a long, horrible drought where our Christmas stockings were empty of Little Mix albums but now, 2015 brings us ‘Get Weird’. Is it one of the best third albums of our time? Was it worth the wait? Find out in our track by track review.

Track 01: Black Magic

We all know this one now, don’t we? This is the single that gave Little Mix their longest reign at number one and broke them a VEVO record. It’s still a 10/10.

Track 02: Love Me Like You

The album’s second single which we also already know and love. We’re still a bit bitter that there’s no fart gag in the video but THAT performance on ‘The X Factor’ promoted this track to killer single status. We L!-O!-V!-E! it – 7/10.

Track 03: Weird People

Another one we already know! This is where the title of the album comes from. We really wish this was the album’s second single because we feel it flows on from ‘Black Magic’ better and really encompasses the feel of the album. Tour opener please? – 8/10.

Track 04: Secret Love Song

The first ballad on the album and it really is beautiful. Featured vocals from Jason Derulo make us fancy him even more when he asks why he can’t kiss us on the dance floor. This would make the perfect post-Christmas single – 7/10.

Track 05: Hair

We know this one too! This one is still giving us life three months later and sounds even more amazing in the context of the album. The only problem with it is that it’s so catchy that we keep shouting “HE WAS JUST A DICK AND I KNEW IT” at people in the street – 7/10.

Track 06: Grown

This track has been an early favourite since we saw the girls perform it at the Apple Music Festival in September. Our love for it only grew when we heard the studio version of it last Friday. We just wish it was longer. – 10/10.

Track 07: I Love You

This is Leigh-Anne’s favourite track from the album and, even though it’s probably not ours, we can see why she likes it so much. Each of the girls’ voices sound so effortless on the track and there’s a really nice message behind it. We love you too, girls! – 6/10.

Track 08: OMG

This. Is. Amazing. It would have fit perfectly on to Charli XCX’s ‘Sucker’ album and is one of the biggest pop songs we’ve heard all year. We can’t wait to chant along to the chorus of this on tour – 10/10.

Track 09: Lightning

God, we’ve already heard this one too! Well, we already know that this is just a ball of amazingness, don’t we? Described as the big sister to ‘DNA’, we’re praying that we finally get the second half of that video7/10.

Track 10: A.D.I.D.A.S.

After maturing on their second album ‘Salute’ before injecting more fun into their sound with ‘Get Weird’, the LM ladies prove that Grown Mix are still alive and well with this track about “fifty shades and listening to Drake“. The sample of Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ had us yaaaasing and whooping. Extra points for Leigh-Anne’s rapping – 10/10.

Track 11: Love Me Or Leave Me

This is ‘Get Weird”s answer to ‘Turn Your Face’ from ‘DNA’ and ‘These Four Walls’ from ‘Salute’ and, we hate to say it, but it’s the weakest of the three. The vocals are beautiful on the track but it falls flat compared to the rest of the album – 4/10.

Track 12: The End

Just like the performances of this song we’ve already heard, the entire track is performed in acapella and we really get to hear the girls’ voices on this break-up anthem. The girls all sound incredible on the track and it’s very easy to sing along to. The Barden Bellas had better watch their backs. Like ‘Grown’, we wish this was longer too – 6/10.

Track 13: I Won’t

For some reason, we were expecting this to be a slow song about not going back to a bad ex but it’s an uplifting song about not giving up on a relationship. It only appears on the deluxe edition of the album and we think it’s a real shame because it’s one of the best tracks on the album – 8/10.

Track 14: Secret Love Song (Pt. II)

This is more stripped back version than the song featured on the standard edition and doesn’t featured vocals from Jason. The vulnerability of the girls’ voices on the track really make it special and different from the original. This will be a tearjerker on tour. Sorry Jason, but we prefer this version – 9/10.

Track 15: Clued Up

An acoustic track about knowing how to make the best of what you’ve got and being ready for knock backs. It’s a nice addition but we wouldn’t miss it if it wasn’t there – 4/10.

Track 16: The Beginning

More of an outro than an actual song, it’s a cute song about the journey of the band so far and it had every hair on our body standing up. My God, we love these girls – 7/10.

‘Get Weird’ is a collection of songs that really does showcase Little Mix’s vocal and writing talents. It’s a big ball of fun and we know we’ll be playing it non-stop until #LM4 arrives, hopefully quicker than it took for #LM3 to get to us. It’s the perfect mix between ‘DNA’ and ‘Salute’ and we definitely think this is the sound the girls should keep producing – 120/160.

Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ is released November 6. Pre-order here.


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