I listened to Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ for 48 hours and now I feel empowered AF

With a new Little Mix album guaranteed by the end of this year, you could say we’re pretty excited here at MP! In fact, we’re so excited at the prospect of new music from our fave British girl band that we couldn’t help listening to ‘Get Weird’ repeatedly for two days straight.


We’re pretty sure Little Mix make every aspect of life 10x better. But we knew we couldn’t make such a grand statement without putting it to the test, so we went about injecting Little Mix into our lives and it was… Well, you’ll see.

We started our day with a little ‘Black Magic’

Jade Black Magic

Making one of your favourite songs your alarm in the morning is a risky business, but starting our day to the lyrics ‘All the girls on the block knocking at my door, Wanna know what it is make the boys want more’ got us all kinds of exhilarated. We practically jumped out of bed just so we could dance.

Getting ready for the day with ‘Hair’ was a must


You know what song slays on ‘Get Weird’? The entire album, sure. But ‘Hair’ makes us feel particularly good about ourselves. Perfecting our fierce AF eyeliner and fluffing our hair whilst singing into our hairbrush never felt this good.

Feeling hormonal? Heartbroken? No chance!


Ballads like ‘Secret Love Song’ and ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ were hella cathartic that we didn’t even have time to feel even a little bit sad during the 48 hours. We were too busy smashing all the high notes and sounding like the next big thing.

Taking selfies with Little Mix as our soundtrack was the right choice


‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ got us feeling some kind of way. Ngl, we were feeling ourselves finding all the right angles and executing some A+ dance moves at the same time.

Working days call for dance breaks


What better way to loosen up than with absolute girl jams like ‘Grown’ and ‘I Won’t’. We’re not even a little bit sorry that our neighbours thought we were having a party in the middle of the afternoon.

Did communal time with our parents stop us from delivering some incred solos? Nope!


Even at the dinner table we were humming along to ‘Love Me Like You’, thinking about just how amazing the girls looked in that music video. Also, ngl, we definitely played the Christmas version. Even if it is August.

Time for a shower and you can bet we were reenacting that scene from ‘Easy A’


Did we try and string out our time in the shower as long as possible so we could listen to the entirety of ‘Get Weird’? AGAIN! Of course not, we like to conserve water, obvs…


After 48 hours of non-stop ‘Get Weird’, we felt hella empowered, tbh. Girl bands are honestly the bees knees and Little Mix took us on an emotional journey that slayed during every second of every single song.

We love Perrie, Jade, Jessy and Leigh-Anne so freakin’ much and we cannot wait for album number four. Can you? Tweet us @maximumpop and get excited.

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