15 amazing Little Mix songs that could have been huge hit singles

Little Mix have been together for five years and blessed with three amazing albums, all which have had some stonking singles. ‘Black Magic’, ‘Salute’, ‘Move’, ‘Hair’, ‘Wings’… but if it were possible to have more singles, we definitely have some that we would recommend in a heartbeat.



Does anyone else feel like this is a song that just belongs on the charts? It’s one we feel like everyone would be singing, even if they didn’t admit they were a Little Mix fan. It’s one of those songs that just feels right.


That in-your-face-because-I-have-had-a-major-glow-up song is just a perfect feel good tune that just goes to show you should never put someone down in school because you’ll be regretting it one day. And anyone who is trying to get with our gals now that wouldn’t give them a second glance in school just needs to be roasted, tbh.

‘I Love You’

Okay, but listen. This is a perfect ballad song. We’ve all been there with the person we have been head-over-heels with (your crush on Harry Styles can count, don’t worry), and this song just puts everything we feel into words. PLEASE, girls. Just release it!


We love a good song with a bit of frisk in it. Our girlies aren’t so little anymore and this song is just YAAAAAAS. Plus Leigh’s rap slays us. Every. Single. Time.


Does this even need a reason?

‘Secret Love Song Part II’

Sorry, Jason. We love you, but this song is just beautiful. And it’s such a perfect representation for the LGBTQA+ community. Our Jadey even said it was inspired by a fan who came out to her. It’s just so valued, we need it. Even if it was added on to the original ‘SLS’ where the first video fades out then it goes to a couple who can’t be together and tells their story. AND HEAR US OUT; this would have been the perfect soundtrack to the chapter ‘The One That Got Away’ in Tyler Oakley’s ‘Binge’, don’t even fight us on this one.


This R’n’B sounding track is a perfect wake-up song for anyone needs to get tf over that boy who is messing them around. Plus, let’s discuss the a capella at the beginning. YAS, QUEENS.


Another female-empowerment song with a slick beat that needs to be played on full blast because girls = boys, not girls < boys and this song just emphasises this statement.


This beautiful ballad makes us feel as if the girls are understanding of any fan going through a bad time in a relationship. Music speaks and this would be the perfect song on the radio to call out to someone feeling this way. Plus the vocals are flawless.

‘Stand Down’

DAT BEAT DOE. It’s definitely a step away from typical pop and we’re partial to a bit of scatting.

‘See Me Now’

This song just gives a sense of self-confidence and more girl power, which we L O V E. It’s just perfect.

‘Nothing Feels Like You’

Celebrating the person you love because there needs to be more of that in the world, tbh. And again, the beat is lit. We could see dance groups lapping this one up. In fact, the entire music video could have been based on some sick choreography.


This would have been so amazing as a music video. Imagine the girls trapped in a ‘madhouse’ where they’re trying to escape, some amazing choreography and fit men in white coats trying to trap the girls. We’d be LIVING.

‘Red Planet’

Similar to ‘Madhouse’, we think this would have had a sick music video. Imagine the girls as beautiful extra-terrestrials or astronauts who roam around outer space, dancing on a red planet. It would have been aesthetically pleasing.

‘Love Drunk’

We’ve all been a bit love drunk, tbh, and this would be our anthem when it comes to crushing on someone hard. Plus imagine the girls looking all innocent while lusting over someone. Too cute for words.

What do you think, Mixers – did we do a good job in picking potential Little Mix singles, and what would you have chosen? Tweet us @maximumpop while we listen to all of these songs on repeat.

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