Sausages, toast and toes: It’s crazy what happens backstage with Little Mix

Have you ever wondered what Little Mix get up to backstage? Besides rehearsals and getting to have the best fun ever by hanging out together. We want to know the nitty gritty.

tumblr_niyj9ccRBe1tchl8lo1_500 (1)

We’ve got the inside scoop and photographic evidence on what happens behind the scenes. There’s tattoos, toes and a plateful of sausages. Enjoy.

Jesy likes to relax with a toast face mask. Apparently it’s good for the skin.

jesy toast mask

The girls make sure to finish off a plate of sausages after every interview. Get that protein.sausages
Perrie carries a tub of baked beans with her everywhere. It’s rumoured she has a tattoo of beans on her butt.

Perrie eats a pot of beans

Airing out her feet is vital for Jade before shows. Nobody knows why.jjade toes
Leigh-Anne keeps her skin moisturised with butter. Who’d have thunk! Now we know her beauty secret.


So that’s what Little Mix get up to behind closed doors. We’re off to pamper ourselves with literal body butter and toast face masks.


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