Bookmail at its best… LitJoy Crate are making lady rebels of us all

There’s nothing quite like getting bookmail to brighten your day, and when that bookmail is a delightful subscription box from LitJoy Crate, well, we’re jumping for joy! Their Lady Rebel-inspired box is just BRILLIANT and packed with some awesome goodies.


As soon as we opened the box, this gorgeous brass compass necklace caught our attention. Be right back, we’re currently off planning outfits to go with this so we can wear it everywhere.


And what better place to make our outfit list is there, other than on this exclusive notepad designed by Chick Lit Designs. The colours and design match the book so perfectly (any guesses what it is yet?), which is no surprise since this was made especially for LitJoy Crate’s box.


And oh – what’s that? A sneaky corner of the book. What COULD it be?


Here’s another goody we found in the box! How about a SAND-coloured lip gloss. Let’s be real, we can totally kick ass and look good.


But for days where we’d rather cover up a bit, we think this insanely beautiful patterned scarf will do the trick. We’re OBSESSED!

So, any guesses what the book might be yet…. *drum roll please*


It’s Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton! It’s a shiny hardback edition all the way  from the US and we are SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT! Who doesn’t love this book?! Plus, it came with a lovely signed bookplate and a little note from Alwyn herself. Gotta love that personal touch.


If you want to get your hands on a LitJoy Crate, they ship out monthly from the US. Each box contains one hardback new release and 2-4 inspired items to wet your bookish appetites. Can we please have them all?! Check out their site here.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and share your goodies with us @maximumpopbooks!

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