Talon Saga: we found out what Literary-ly Obssessed is saying about Julie Kagawa killer follow up ‘Rogue’

We are totally in love with this explosive series. And it would seem that a lot of other people are too – no surprise.

‘Literary-ly Obsessed’ reviewed “Rogue”, the “killer follow up” in the Talon Saga.
Here’s her words:

Julie has done it again, not only has she written another fantastic series, she has created a killer follow up! First off this book picks up where “Talon” left off, which I loved as there was no unnecessary build up; you are thrown into Garret’s execution by St. George. Ember is at her best she’s fiery, stubborn and determined for a certain swoony solider not to be punished for saving her life.

The romance in this book takes a bit of a backseat to make room for so much action and adventure. Riley is still on the run and now that he has Ember he is even more determined to save more dragons from Talon and stop them from being killed by St. George. The book is perfectly paced and you become completely immersed in the action and some wicked dragon fights that will keep your heart racing. We get to know more about Riley’s past about how he became a Rogue and what antic’s he got up to during his time at Talon. I completely warmed to him no matter how hard I wanted to resist, his sole purpose is to save other dragons and he will even risk his own life. He’s a charming hero in his own right, Dammit!!

As I’ve said there’s little romance in this book but when you’re given these little snippets they are EPIC! It becomes a bit more of a love triangle but this is mainly at the end and it slowly builds throughout the book so it’s actually enjoyable and your emotions become seriously conflicted. Kagawa will always be the Queen of love triangles but this one is heart breaking. Ember has to accept that she is a dragon and she will outlive Garret the solider whose mission was to destroy her. All the while dangerously flirting with Riley and having to decide whom she WANTS to be with and who she SHOULD be with. My favourite Garret is just AH-MAZING, he’s still the loyal perfect solider who will do anything to save Ember, I fell even more in love with him if that’s even possible. TEAM GARRET ;)

We are introduced to some badass dragons and given a more in depth look at the lengths Talon and St. George will go to in order to destroy their enemies. I especially loved Dante’s POV in this book as he was left with Talon after betraying Ember and now he has the mission of hunting her down. I think this book is perfect for those who thought Talon had a little too much romance and not enough action because you have it by the bucket load here. I don’t know how this series will play out but I do hope that everyone will make it through, it’s so action packed and deadly I’m actually worried for the next book.

The cliffhanger was heartbreaking; I’m still torn from it now. It’s not even a bad ending it just throws your emotions out of the window, I HATED IT and loved it. If was a perfect way to make sure you are buying the third book because I NEED to know what happens!

The third book Soldier will be out in 2016. I’m not too keen on the title, I wanted it to be a little more badass although I couldn’t really care because it’s obviously going to be about Garret, which is perfect and has me so so so excited!!

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