OMG! 5H are EVERYWHERE: Camila is featured on a new song and you need to hear it now

We’ve been hearing that some of you Harmonizers are a bit worried that Fifth Harmony have started doing things on their own but we want to reassure you that it’s a good thing.


Camila is not just branching out on her own, but she’s now releasing her own music! But don’t worry; it’s not what you’re thinking…


On Sunday, May 29, Camila Cabello – along with producer Benny Blanco – joined six children from New York for a special one-day workshop where the end goal was to create “the best possible song without instruments.”

Instead, they had to use kitchen utensils and literally anything else they could all get their hands on. Sounds like a brilliant idea, if you as us.

The workshop was put together by OMG Everywhere, a not-for-profit organisation, and the Get Well Soon Tour. You can watch everything that happened throughout the day as well as hear the track in the video above.


So do not worry; it’s all for a good cause. Fifth Harmony are stronger than ever.

What do you think of the song? Would you like something like this to come to the UK? Who would you love to work with? We want to hear your choices @maximumpop

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