We asked Lisa Heathfield to write 100 words on mental health and young people

“I hope her story reminds every reader to never forget how unique and brilliant and wanted they are.”

Spoiler alert: The following article includes spoilers for ‘Flight Of The Starling’ by Lisa Heathfield. If you haven’t already read the book, you may want to make a brew, get out of the danger zone and read our other ‘Flight Of A Starling’ content by clicking here.

It’s no secret that Lisa Heathfield is a pro at writing novels that will tug on your heart-strings and have you weeping in a matter of seconds. We were shook after reading ‘Seed’ and a complete mess after delving into ‘Paper Butterflies’. But, Lisa’s latest read, ‘Flight Of A Starling’ might just be her most heartbreaking book, yet.

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The story follows two sisters, Rita and Lo, and the deverstating after-math of Lo’s attempt to commit suicide. It’s a heartbreaking read and we wanted to give Lisa a chance to discuss Lo in more detail by writing an MP! 100 Words.

As regular readers will already know, MP!’s 100 Words allows authors to delve into a topic or issue they feel passionate about. It gives you an insight into the decisions that go into creating a novel and the inspiration behind it.

In her MP! 100 Words, Lisa revealed what she wanted to achieve by sharing Lo’s devastating story and what she hopes readers will take away from it.

This is Lisa Heathfield’s 100 words…

I wish that Lo had lived. I wish that she could wake up tomorrow and the next day. But she can’t.

She knew that life was star-shine and dizzying rain all in one yet somehow she forgot how truly precious she was. And how much she meant to others. And how those left behind would be blinded and suffocated by their grief. In that one, brief snap of time, she forgot how beautiful her fragile life was.

I hope that her story reminds every reader to never forget how unique and brilliant and wanted they are.

X Lisa

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‘The air in the alleyway sticks to my skin. The bricks sit too close, pushing grief deeper into me. I stop to touch the walls.
Were you here, Lo?

I listen for a reply. Listen hard for her laughter, but it’s not here. The silence grips so hard at my heart that I don’t know how I breathe.’

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Let us know what you thought of ‘Flight Of The Starling’ and Lo’s story in the comments below. You can also read more MP! 100 Words by clicking here.

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