MP! Bookish Quiz Sheet: We found out everything there is to know about Lisa Heathfield

You have to see Lisa’s drawing of Harry Potter

We all know Lisa Heathfield can write incredible books. ‘Seeds’, ‘Paper Butterflies’ and ‘Flight Of A Starling’ are some of the best YA reads ever. But, what about Lisa’s poetry skills? Maximum Pop! put them to the test in the MP! Bookish Quiz Sheet.

As regular readers will already know, the MP! Bookish Quiz Sheet delves into your favourite author’s personality and reveals everything there is to know about them. In her sheet, Lisa penned a short poem to herself. She also drew the main characters of her brand new novel, ‘Flight Of A Starling’.

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For those that don’t know, ‘Flight Of A Starling’ follows sisters, Rita and Lo, and their magical upbringing in a family-run circus. It’s a surreal world, but things begin to crumble when Lo falls in love and discovers a secret that threatens to tear her family apart. Not only did Lisa draw a fantastic picture of Lo for us, but she also revealed which popstar she’d like to play her in a film.

Here’s Lisa Heathfield’s MP! Bookish Quiz Sheet…

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‘The air in the alleyway sticks to my skin. The bricks sit too close, pushing grief deeper into me. I stop to touch the walls.
Were you here, Lo?

I listen for a reply. Listen hard for her laughter, but it’s not here. The silence grips so hard at my heart that I don’t know how I breathe.’

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