I tried using one lipstick to get a full face of make-up so you don’t have to

Earlier this week, we told you about the beauty hack where you can achieve a full-face of makeup using just one lipstick. Say what? In case you missed the article, here’s the video below:

Our minds were blown but it all sounds a bit too good to be true. Can you really look that good wearing just lipstick? Do you have to be a makeup maestro to pull it off? So many questions.

There’s only one way to find out – I put the beauty hack to the test, so you guys don’t have to.

The rules

  • I am not to wear or apply any makeup beforehand. No foundation, concealer, mascara etc. Just one lipstick.
  • The product I will use is Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in the shade ‘Sweet Tart’
  • No sneaky editing or touch-ups


Right, I’m ready and armed with my weapon. Also looking absolutely terrible but being optimistic and awaiting my transformation.

The eye shadow


I can’t help but feel I look like I’ve been punched in the face. Who wears pink eye shadow? It looks rather disease-y.

No surprise here but the lipstick really doesn’t feel good on. You can’t blend it properly or create a nice gradient and all I really want to do is just add some mascara or eye liner. But nope, I must be strong, have faith and carry on.

The blusher


LOL there is a very good reason why lipstick is not used as blusher. I look like I’ve developed a horrific rash or contracted some kind of tropical disease.

My skin feels awful and I can definitely sense it causing a breakout if it was left on all day. Lipstick is STICKY. It should not be rubbed all over your face. It’s just plain wrong.

The lipstick


Okay, I’ll admit I don’t look as terrible as I thought I would. I think the lipstick really makes the difference and brightens up my face.

I don’t think I look like I’ve tried to apply lipstick in the dark and missed my mouth, but I do look like someone who has zero sense of colour coordination. Matchy-matchy is not my thing.

This ‘look’ is alright as an artistic experiment or perhaps a panicked last resort, but I wouldn’t call it a full face of makeup. My blemishes aren’t covered up, my skin tone is uneven and my brows are horrendous. Although, maybe I just have too high expectations.

What I learnt

  • You can use lipstick as eyeshadow and blusher but unless you are living in a cave with no other products, why would you want to?
  • There is a reason why things like foundation and mascara exist.
  • No amount of lipstick can cover up your blemishes or give you radiant skin. If anything it just makes you look all red and rashy.
  • It’s just a bit weird. And it doesn’t feel healthy for your skin.

Don’t put lipstick on your face folks. This is a learning curve for us all.

What do you think of this beauty hack? Let me know your thoughts or if you’ve tried it with a tweet to @maximumpop!

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