There’s a modern day Lion King trailer. It really is all about the Circle of Life.

Even the coldest of hearts has a soft spot for The Lion King with it’s up lifting Elton John Soundtrack, little cutie put Simba and of course the  hilarious Timon and Pumbaa skits.

It means no worries!

Though we know that there is a hint of sadness in the film with the death of Mufasa, The Lion King is generally and uplifting, coming of age tale. Isn’t that what we all need post-exams?

However now video editor Ryan Shukis has put his own spin on the trailer and created something really quite special. It feels a little darker, but take comfort in knowing that even as you get older it is still ok to cry at The Lion King.

Now excuse us as we hunt out our video players and crack out our Lion King VHS.

FYI for those too young to know what a VHS is, it goes a little something like this . . .

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