“I name all my violins…” MP! interviews Lindsey Stirling.

The supremely talented Lindsey Stirling has been building up a ma-hoosive online following for some time now with her distinctive mix of classical music and dance music. Now with the release of her latest album ‘Shatter Me’, Lindsey on the verge of the pop big leagues. We caught up with her recently for a quick chat about influences, collaborations and naming her violins…

Hey Lindsey, congrats on the success of your album *Shatter Me* in the States! Did the healthy sales and chart position give you confidence to push your album in other countries?

I’ve always been an international artist because I used the web as a means of my promotion. I grew in little pockets all over the world. It was cool that different countries all over simultaneously responded so positively to my album.

You’re known for mixing classical violin styles with wicked EDM beats – what inspired you to go down this path?

I had gotten burnt out on classical music. I just realized that I didn’t love playing any more. So rather than quitting, I thought “how can I make this fun again?”. I realized that I needed to play the kind of music I loved, like dubstep and dance beats, rather than just playing the music that has been played for violinists for hundreds of years. I wanted to make the violin for me rather than make me for the violin.

How do you feel when people say, ‘I don’t normally listen to classical music but I like Lindsey’s stuff’?

I think it is really exciting that I am bringing a classical instrument to people that wouldn’t otherwise listen to classical music.

How old were you when you started playing the violin and who were your biggest influences?

I started when I was 6 and I was inspired by the LA Philharmonic and other local Los Angeles symphonies cos my parents used to take me to orchestra concerts.

We love your music videos! There’s always an element of fantasy in them. Are you a big fantasy fan?

Yes I love Disney. I love fairy tales, I love that style of anime.

You’re featured on a track on Jessie J’s forthcoming album called ‘Loud’. Tell us how that came about?

She discovered me when my album came out and her team reached out to see if I would record on her album. I was so, so excited cos she was pretty near the top of my dream collab list

Any other pop collaborations in the pipeline? Tell us about your dream collaborations too!

I’m on tour with A Great Big World and a collab with them would be fun. They are amazing. I’d love to work with Zedd and Hayley Williams.

And who are you listening to right now?

Zedd, Michael Buble, Astronaut,

Ok, tell us one surprising fact about the violin…

My violins?? I name all my violins. I love that they all have a different sound and look that I use in my shows. Wally glows in the dark, Cleopatra is covered in gems and I pull her out of a pirate treasure chest mid show.

Amazing! You’ve performed all over the world and you’re about to join Andrea Bocelli on his UK tour but what has been your favourite tour memory so far?

I love my tour family. We laugh so much and we have such a blast together. I love meeting my fans, I love making videos on the road, I love the energy of crowds… I love it all.

When you fly, does the violin come on the plane with you?!

Yes I have never checked my violins.

What advice do you have for young classical musicians who want to achieve the level of pop crossover appeal like you have?

Do what you love. Don’t play what’s popular play the music that makes you feel alive.

And finally, are you working on any new music at the moment, if so when can we hear it?!

Nothing original. Just a few covers for my YouTube channel!

Thanks Lindsay! Can’t wait to hear them!

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