These limited editions of your favourite books will seriously test your cool

Are you sitting down? You need to be. These special editions of your fave books will make you weak at the knees. Have you ever wanted to chat-up a book? No? Well… Now might be that time.

little mermaid

This is dangerous territory we’re entering here. From drool-worthy Harry Potter to dazzling Classics… let’s do this.

1. This Harry Potter collection from Scholastic is, quite frankly, a thing of beauty.Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 2.40.51 PM

2. The hardcover of ‘Lady Midnight’ that will literally cause heart palpitations. tumblr_o0so62qg7z1r3oy4vo1_500

3. Not a book.. But doesn’t this cause a mighty need?


4. Clothbound Penguin Classics? Yes please. We’ll take them all.


5. Or just opt for one author and these gold foil Fitzgerald beauties:

Books 3 second pic

6. And can we talk about the ‘Twilight’ series… in WHITE?! Doesn’t it look like something that will give you so much joy? White. Like snow. And dyed page edges? Perfection.


7. More Harry Potter, because there’s never enough. This ‘Page-to-Screen’ boxset is just… *swoons*


8. Already got the clothbound Classics? Welp, step it up and get the LEATHERBOUND ones.


9. ‘The Hunger Games’ collectors edition… Our fingers itch. We wanna touch it. Rub our faces on it. Keep it in a safe place where no one else can even look upon it.


10. There’s more than just one special edition of ‘His Dark Materials’, but this one from The Folio Society is the most squeezable.


11. Is that a ‘Paper Towns’ pop-up edition? Why yes, yes it is.


12. This spectacular version of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ (another gold star for The Folio Society!):


Which is your fave? What should we have included on this list? Tweet us @maximumpopbooks

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