Unicorn lipstick is a thing at and we just NEED.

We’ve spent the last couple of days on and we would be the worst people in the world if we didn’t share with you.

We want to buy everything, all of the lipsticks, all of the eyeshadows and all of the nail varnish. All of it. EVERYTHING.

giphy (47)

But because we aren’t Taylor Swift and didn’t earn £170 million off our last tour we picked out 10 products we absolutely must put on our Christmas lits!

First up are the ‘Perlees’ lipsticks.
perless1. We WANT WANT / NEED this ‘Mirage (Mauve Pink)’ £12.07

perless mauve pink

Next we obsessed over their ‘Velvetines’ collection of lipsticks. Very Kylie Jenner. And when we say we obsessed, we had to cut down 7 to 4 to keep to our limited 10 item list. OOPZ.


2. First up this ‘Wicked (Deep Red)’ £13.41

veleveteens wicked deep red

3.Faded (Mauve)’ £13.41 

velveteen mauve faded

4. ‘Beet It (Deep Pink-Red)’ £13.41

velveteen beet it deep pink red

5. ‘Cashmere (Greige)’ £13.41

veleveteen cashmere griege

As if we didn’t already have enough lipstick loves from already we then found the ‘Unicorn Lipstick’. Come on it’s got unicorn in the name!


6. ‘Poisonberry (Glossy Berry Purple)’ £12.07

unicorn lips posionberry gloss berry

Okay, we realise we have enough now but just one more we promise. Look at this ‘Carousel Gloss!

carousel gloss

7. ‘Present’ £4.02

carousel gloss present

To go with our lips we need to have something for our eyes don’t we? And we want this ‘Venus’ eye palette.

venus grunge pallet outside

8. ‘Venus: The Grunge Palette’ £21.45

venus grunge pallet

But what if want to do something a bit jazzier with our eyes?

venus II outside

9. ‘Venus II’ £21.45

venus II

Last but certainly not least we are all about this nail varnish!

10. ‘Once In a Blue Mousse’ £5.36

nails blue mouse

Have a look over at and tweet us pictures of what you love @maximumpop (we are sure it will be everything!)

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