Life of Dillon debut single ‘Overload’ is a jam to get down to.

Have you heard of this new band Life of Dillon?

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Because if you haven’t, you should go give a listen to their debut single ‘Overload’ right now!

The song is super fun and a jam to get down to. It reminds you of summer, the breeze from the wind blowing through your hair, the windows rolled down, music blasting on the radio. What more can anyone really ask for?

The trio have just recently started to make a name for themselves. For a matter of fact, their name, ‘Life of Dillon’ comes from when the three members, David Keiffer, Joe Griffith and Rob Griffith, met a traveler named Dillon who goes from place to place and has no firm roots. Instead, he’s a free spirit which is symbolized in the band’s logo of antlers.

The band, from North London, seems to promote this thought process in their catchy, upbeat music.

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Just listening to ‘Overload’ makes you want to get out of your seat and have fun (but we won’t judge you if you’re just sitting there bopping your head).

The band has only been around for a few months now but based on the success of their single, there’s no doubt they’ll flourish before our eyes! They’re like our own budding little flowers and right now… these flowers of ours have 500,000 views on the music video for ‘Overload’.

Can you blame people for watching it though? It sets the mood for summer and with exams finishing up and classes ending, it’s the perfect song to settle into the upcoming and much awaited warmth.

Thanks for overloading our senses with this wonderful song Life of Dillon!

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What did you think of the song? Does it remind you of summer too? Does it get your heart beat pumping? Leave a comment down below!

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