Watch: Liam’s last speech of the WWA tour. Sad face

We’re not even sure how we’re coping right now, or if we even are. As you may well be aware (unless you live under some sorta rock) 1D’s WWA tour has come to an end. Sob.

The lads played the final show on their tour last night in Miami – we don’t know how we feel about this, it’s all too emotional!

Just when we though, it’s fine we’re being silly, this severe case of feels will be over in no time, big Payno decides it’s a good idea to recite a beautiful little speech on stage. Cheers bae.


Take a gander at what Liam had to say. (Warning: this video contains a ridiculously cute final group hug.)

Ahhh could this boy get any cuter? Heart of absolute gold. AND the final group hug! This is way too much for our little hearts to handle.

Right we’re off to re-watch some more tour vids and feel like proud mums. Anyone else?

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