Don’t panic! Liam Payne tweets fans explaining THAAAAT vine, and he doesn’t hate selfies – phew!

Liam Payne has opened up about the Vine of him which has spread like wildfire over the past day. In case you’ve completely missed the uproar, the vine shows Liam taking pictures with fans outside the ARIA’s in Australia and he’s (we’re not gonna lie) looking a tiiiiiny bit moody in-between taking pictures with fans.

This has had a MASSIVE uproar with the lad getting abuse from left, right and center, although some found it funny, as this Twitter user wrote:

This Vine of Liam Payne wishing he was dead while taking selfies with fans is my favourite thing in the world.

However, he has defended himself as he has posted a series of tweets to explain the situation. Here’s what he had to say:

The poor lad is probably just tired. It’s no wonder as the 1D boys have been going non-stop for years – someone give those boys a day off! One bad day out of several years is pretty impressive we think, plus, at least he gave all those fans a chance for a photo, we applaud you Liam.

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