Liam Payne hits out at Stupid Famous People on… you guessed it… Twitter. POP BITS

POP BITS. Forget the Perez/Gaga Twitter feud, there’s a new pop vs. pap spat on everyone’s favourite “140 characters or less” social media platform. Liam Payne has hit out at paparazzo Stupid Famous People and it wasn’t pretty.

Judging by Mr. Payne’s recent Twitter outbursts (check out rant 1 and rant 2), he’s aiming to replace Louis Tomlinson as the sassiest 1D member. Liam took to his Twitter account to call out Stupid Famous People and said “@stupidfamous id rather be a stupidfamousperson than an ugly bald guy who follows teenagers with a camera, get a proper job you creep” and also pointed out that the paparazzo is the main reason 1D “rant allowed to stop for fans”- We presume Liam means “aren’t” as opposed to “rant” but he obviously has “rant” on the brain.

Stupid Famous People responded with a tweet that read “@Real_Liam_Payne don’t hate just bc you are turning into Justin Bieber!”- Uh oh! Dissing two uber-fandoms in one tweet, this isn’t going to end well, is it? Liamers hit back with “Personally I take that as a compliment he’s a very young and successful person your old and obviously don’t have many skills except looking stupid with your camera and driving like and a*****e”.  Then Stupid Famous People tweeted a low blow that read “Doesn’t surprise me that you would use paparazzi as a scapegoat because of your frustration over the new GF fandom hate”.

This looks like it could get a lot worst before it gets better. At least it takes the heat off the 1D/Wanted feud for a while. POP BITS OUT.

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