Liam Payne is the king of spinning microphones so here’s a masterpost to marvel at.

If you’ve seen any of One Direction’s live performances, you know that Liam Payne loves to spin his microphone and it shouldn’t be as hot as it is.

So in honor of that, we’ve decided to help you out with a few gifs of it happening.

He started doing it early on and even back then it was already flawless.

Look how smoothly he manages to spin it

Like he doesn’t even have to think about it at all

Also, enjoy the muscles in this one

We’re practically drooling at this point

Sexy dancing and a blink and you might miss it mic flip

So casual

Does this even need a caption?

Let’s just hope he never stops doing it

And then Louis tried spinning his mic as well, but he just couldn’t deal (it’s still cute though)

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