IT’S HAPPENING, DIRECTIONERS! Liam Payne just announced the news you’ve been waiting for all year


It’s happening. It’s finally happening. Liam has made this all important announcement…


Now before you start getting emotional and writing “RIP” over your 1D posters, READ THE NEXT TWEET.

Look, your parents will tell you straight that a boyband member going solo doesn’t mean it’s the end of the group. Good ol’ Gary Barlow has released some increds music on his own but is still with Take That. So don’t worry, bb. We can see the positive.

Liam is the first member of 1D to sign a solo deal that’s NOT to a label within Sony, where the boys are signed as a band. Capitol is part of the rival label group Universal, while both Zayn and Harry are with RCA and Columbia who are part of Sony. INTERESTING. But, probably nothing too dramatic.

Capitol is home to artists such as The Beatles, Katy Perry, 5 Seconds of Summer and Sam Smith to name JUST a few of the big ass names they represent.

We’re just so bloody happy that we can expect more new music during the 1D hiatus. It’s going to be different, but we know the boys won’t ever forget where they belong. Geddit? ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong’? Forget it.

How are you taking the news – excited? Tweet us @maximumpop while we get ready for the solo Liam era.

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