12 reasons why Liam Payne is the perfect boyfriend and why we’re jealous that we can’t date him

We hope everyone who’s ever broken up with or rejected Liam Payne knows what they’re missing because Lima Bean is the most perfect boyfriend out there and here’s why.


Reason Number 1: He’ll look at you like you’re the only person in the world.


Reason Number 2: He’ll make you feel like you’re beautiful the way you are by complimenting you as often as he can.

I must be the luckiest man in the world x

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Reason Number 3: Liam will protect you with everything he has and if that isn’t lovely we don’t know what is. tumblr_inline_mxp1lq4Mx51qz7n35 Reason Number 4: He’ll indulge you in your love of all things Disney and Harry Potter and will be right along with you when you freak out about it.  

Just hanging with a couple of princesses ;) A photo posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

Reason Number 5: He’ll make everything better by cuddling with you because he was made for holding someone tightly.


Reason Number 6: He’ll serenade you and write lovely songs about you. tumblr_inline_nf0fbzGQjc1ss0t2r Reason Number 7: He’ll totally braid your hair for you if you want him to.


Don’t think I did too bad, what do u think?


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Reason Number 8: He’ll tell you and anyone who will listen how much you mean to him.


Reason Number 9: He’ll make you feel all kinds of feelings by being his adorable self.


Reason Number 10: He’ll support you unconditionally.


Reason Number 11: He’ll spoil you quite a bit, but that’s ok because you give him back so much.


Reason Number 12: He’ll be so much fun to be around that you won’t want to ever be without him.


We could write 16792 more but we need to have another turkey sandwich.

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