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We spy with our little eye, something beginning with Liam Payne…

Their hiatus has only just begun and the word on street is that Harry Styles has a solo deal and now that also seems to be the case for Mr Liam Payne who has been spotted in the studio.liamjuicyj3

So it seems Liam isn’t in London town shopping in Tesco’s like his mate Harry he is living it up in the studio with Juicy J. Look at daddy direction getting his swag on with Juicy J, we think Zayn would approve…

We are starting to think this whole hiatus thing isn’t such a bad idea, if you think about it, we get the boys back in about two years but until then, we have Harry and Liam making music separately, that’s potentially two whole albums of music that we wouldn’t have had before.LiamJUICYJ

And we are pretty sure Niall and Louis aren’t going to sit back and not sing a note all of the 18 months, this hiatus might work out to be a bloody good thing if you ask us.

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