9 activities Liam Payne can enjoy while bored in his hotel rooms

After 4 years life on the road and on the planes can get a little bit boring for Liam.

The situation isn’t improved by the fact that the boys have to be stuck into their hotel all day long because of too many devoted fans.

So, the peeps from @1DCentral_ want to help our bored Liam and thought of a few things he can do while stuck in his hotel:

  1. Raid other peoples mini-fridges. Niall can help you with this.
  2. Twitcam. Oh, the good old days!
  3. Build a pillow and blanket fort.
  4. Make hats out of toilet paper for all the crew.
  5. Write random notes and stick them under peoples doors.
  6. Have bathtub races with soap wrappers, cardboard covers for water glasses or whatever you can find in your room.
  7. Set up a fashion show. Use robes, towels and everything else, decorate your look walk the run away!
  8. Play elevator tag. With your lads go into groups in a different elevator then you have to try to find each other on different floors and different elevators.
  9. Have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to find and take pictures with and upload them on Instagram, please.

There you go Liam, plenty of boredom busting ideas.

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Written by Sara

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