Liam Payne is a cinnamon roll. Too good for this world. Too pure.

Last night, Liam met a few fans who weren’t exactly the best of fans. They were quite rude, actually…

Which is why we, as well as many other 1D fans on Tumblr/Twitter have decided to join the ‘Liam Defense Squad’. We love Liam and we will not stand for our cinnamon roll to be treated poorly.

Everyone should consider joining for many reasons but mainly two. We’ll list them below.

1) Liam is amazing with fans.

2) Liam loves his boys.

He serenades Niall.

Dances with Harry.

Messes around with Louis.

It’s just impossible not to love the Payno.

Join the Liam Defense Squad because you know the rest of One Direction is a part of the squad and so are we.

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Written by Tashie

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Fifth Harmony are animals! Not that we can blame them… when faced with scones, we’re animals too.