Liam Payne’s dad wants the break more than his son, but we can’t really blame him at all

All of us are trying to ignore One Direction’s eminent break for a bit still, but there’s someone out there who’s actually really looking forward to it.

Liam’s dad Geoff, who’s such a proud father it makes us cry, spoke to Express and Star and revealed how excited he is for the boys break and the reason is so sweet, you won’t even mind thinking about the hiatus.

We all know that 1D’s schedule is so jam-packed that they rarely get any time off, but Geoff made us realize how little that actually is. He said they used to measure the time they spent with Liam in days and the more popular the boys got, the littler the unit was and now they’re down to minutes, so they hope they’ll get to see more of their son and in their home country as well.

However, don’t be sad since Geoff also mentioned that Liam loves being busy, so he’ll probably write for One Direction or other artists a few months after the break has started, but hopefully he’ll relax most of the time, because he definitely deserves it.

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