Liam Payne discovers his tweets hold the power to bring back lost menu items

Earlier this year, Louis Tomlinson tried to use his influence to bring back his favorite item at Domino’s.

No such luck for Louis. The Domino’s menu is still missing his beloved mozz dippers.

However, his bandmate Liam Payne accidentally sparked a Twitter frenzy last spring when he tweeted about a meal and forgot to add some important commas.

“Chicken fries and sides” probably should’ve been “chicken, fries and sides,” as KFC did not have chicken fries on the menu at the time. (It’s hard to worry about proper punctuation when you’re going into a food coma, Liam, we get it.)

According to the Associated Press, however, Liam’s mistake caused Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer for Burger King North America, to notice a huge surge in mentions of “chicken fries” on social media.

This hype prompted Burger King to put chicken fries back on the menu for a limited time last summer and then as a permanent menu item soon after. Behold, the power of @Real_Liam_Payne!

Maybe if Louis hadn’t paid to have Liam’s face painted like a tiger fairy the other night, Liam would help bring back the Domino’s mozzarella dippers, too.

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

I'm the lead style/beauty writer & U.S. content coordinator here at Maximum Pop!, where I get to combine my love for Louis Tomlinson with his love for Adidas. I hail from Boston, and I'm obsessed with my wiener dog, nail art trends, One Direction, and perfume samples. I believe in daily pizza.

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