WTF! Does this prove that Liam and Cheryl are definitely expecting twins?

Hold onto your hats everyone ‘cos this is one update which will have the fandom reeling!

We literally only just got over the news that Cheryl is pregnant…


… and now this latest announcement is getting us all in a flap.

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Of course, we’ve heard the rumours that Cheryl could be expecting twins, in fact, we’re pretty sure that there is 101 fanfics being produced as we speak that suggest she’s expecting 24 octopus babies with laser eyes who are the true heirs of Slytherin.

But this is legit, OK?

It has been announced that Cheryl will be making an appearance on season 13 of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, a show which traces the roots of celebrities to find out more about their heritage.

Let’s hope Cheryl’s ancesters aren’t like Mulan’s…


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Apparently there will be a shock reveal on the show, which makes us think that it could have something to do with Cheryl’s pregnancy.

So far we know that on the show Cheryl discovers that her great, great, great grandfather, who fought in the First World War, fathered twins.

Having twins tend to run in families as it is caused by particular genes which can be passed on from generation to generation. Cheryl and Liam have yet to confirm or deny that she is pregnant, which leads us to think that the “shock revelation” might be that we will be getting not one, but two Chiam babies!


Hiatus or not hiatus, the Directioner family only grows…

Do you think Cheryl could be expecting twins? Let us know using the comments box below.

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