We need to talk about why it’s so hard for LGBTQ teens to come out…

Cooper’s story is heartbreaking…

The internet is a great platform for LGBTQ+ teens. As regular MP! readers know, we’re constantly praising sites like Tumblr for building one of the most positive and supportive LGBTQ+ communities around. The site’s incredible and thousands of users have each other’s backs and are always on hand with uplifting words of encouragement for those who haven’t come out yet.

That said, despite all the good that Tumblr brings, there’s no denying that it’s still a hard thing for LGBTQ+ teens to come out. Just ask, Cooper. He’s one of the main character’s in ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ by Karen McManus and is terrified to come out due to the crippling stereotypes that surround masculinity.

Cooper’s a jock and his Dad doesn’t think that men should play sport if they’re gay. Throughout the story he makes horrible, homophobic comments in Cooper’s presence. It’s disgusting and results in Cooper being scared to reveal who he truly is.

‘One Of Us Is Lying’ is just one of the many YA books that are highlighting the struggles some teens face when coming out.

No one’s coming out story should be as challenging as Cooper’s, but sadly that’s still the case. Some teens are scared due to religion, whilst others are afraid due to their family’s politics or because of what their friends might think.

It’s not impossible, however, and hopefully these brave coming out letters we’ve found on Tumblr will help you if you’re struggling…

1. They’re super powerful

2. And incredibly helpful!

3. There are sooooo many different ones online

4. Some people even say they’re easier than talking to people are it

5. See?

6. We’re getting emotional just reading them

7. There’s also some really helpful templates LGBTQ+ teens can use

8. These teens are so brave

9. They’re really making the world a better place

10. People of all ages are sharing their stories

11. It’s so empowering

12. We hope more teens find the strength to write them

13. Because it’s never as bad as you might think it will be

Are you a LGBTQ+ teen who’s already come out? Leave your tips, advice and story for those who haven’t in the comments below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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