Celebrate LGBT history month with a good book; favourites and recommendations

February is LGBT history month. Yay!

LGBT YA is becoming more and more visible, but we also know there is still much work to be done. If you’re new to LGBT YA, or a seasoned connossieur, we’ve brought together some favourite stories everyone should hurry up and get stuck into.

Important issues, and important themes, but maybe most important; great storytelling. Read on, get recs, be happy!


Far From You‘Far From You’ by Tess Sharpe

Sophie’s best friend Mina died, and the blame is easily placed on the recovered drug addict. But Sophie knows the truth; It was no tragic accident. Mina was murdered, and Sophie’s on the trail of the killer. This mystery-thriller gets your heart pounding for all kinds of reasons. Mega feels. Epic secrets. FEELS! SO MANY FEELS!


under the lights‘Under the Lights’ by Dahlia Adler

This is the companion novel to ‘Behind the Scenes’ but have no fear! You can easily read ‘Under the Lights’ as a standalone. As the title suggests this is about acting, darling, on the silver screen. But it’s also about so much more. This book manages to explore a multitude of themes and issues, including sexuality, without you feeling bombarded. In fact, the story will literally whisk you away to a world of drama. Heh.

22352840‘Read Me Like a Book’ by Liz Kessler

Ashleigh is having enough trouble dealing with her fracturing home life without trying figure out why she has a serious case of the warm and fuzzies… but not for her boyfriend Dylan; it’s her English teacher, Miss Murray, who’s making her feel things. Like love. (And look at that cover!)


simon vs the ‘Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda’ by Becky Albertalli

This is one coming out book that will take you such a fun ride, you’ll finish it and want to start all over again! It’s fizzy and fresh and has made many readers admit that it made them actually LOL. For real. Vibrant writing. Controlled story telling. 100% fabulous.


23058402‘The Art of Being Normal’ by Lisa Williamson

This is quickly become part of the very LGBT YA fabric. Following the story of trans character David as he begins an emotionally fraught journey towards becoming his true self. This book is distinct and on its way to becoming freakin’ legendary. A must read.


18667779‘Everything Leads to You’ by Nina LaCour

Emi’s story is one that many can relate to. A romantic film buff, but her own love life is something of a mess, finding herself going back, time and time again, to the same girl. But then she meets Ava, and Emi’s mind and heart are made to expand in the most beautiful way. A warm, fluffy book; the perfect antidote for when you’ve got ‘the heavies’ from all those (great) theme-led stories.

These should get you started. We know there are so many more we could have (should have?) included on this list, so why not tweet us your LGBT recommendations? @maximumpopbooks

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