I had 2 months to learn piano and perform in front of a crowd. Here’s what happened.

Grab a cup of tea and get comfy, because this is going to be a long, thrilling ride of my music college experience.


My piano playing journey goes back almost two years ago, so things might get a little hazy. So in my second year of college I had to partake in the performance side of my music course (I did business) and learn an instrument. The closest I came to performing was hitting the drums in a rehearsal room when I was bored.

For the first 6 weeks, I had an induction. This does not count as part of the 2 months FYI. All I had to do was turn up about twice a week, learn a song with a band and play it in front of my class mates. The stage fright was SO real.

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I remember my first band practice like it was yesterday. I hadn’t actually played the keyboard before so this was going to be a disaster. A band mate taught me the different keys and told me what to press. Of course, I didn’t know I was actually meant to play chords, like WHAT ARE THOSE?!


I literally didn’t know chords were a thing. Anyway, I kinda grasped it. I wasn’t using my left hand for bass yet and for some reason, it felt natural for me to play with my three middle fingers and not my thumb. Weird.

You can see me playing the keyboard very poorly in the video below. I played to the lyrics and not the music, a bit backwards there. You might notice I smile at lot too, that was for every time I messed up. The song haunts me to this day.

Induction went on for 6 weeks but I only seem to be in two of the six videos… I guess I was sick?


I don’t remember much from this performance other than that it was incredibly easy to play. Yet I have no rhythm so I was probably out of sync with everyone.

Moving onto my official college band of the term. I was the only girl and also the only one with zero talent. We were a hip-hop group and we wrote our own songs #original. (Obviously I didn’t help write them)

I don’t recall much from the rehearsals to be honest, which kinda defeats the purpose of this post. Oops. Learning wise, I did most at home. I had a 90 minute group piano lesson every week. Which really doesn’t amount to much when you’ve got less than 2 months to become Mozart.

giphy (60)

In short, the end of term gig was awful. I was forced to switch bands a week before the show because we had zero songs prepared so I got plopped into a different group to play one song.

Naturally, I have no rhythm and I also couldn’t hear myself or the guitar on the night, so that was super helpful. All those months of hard work came down to this moment. You can see my skills below. 

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the first performance of many. (Three, to be precise.)

I must admit, it’s a little anticlimactic, but I wasn’t going to be Beethoven anytime soon. Mastering an instrument takes YEARS and if you’re thinking of trying to learn, DO IT.  Get yourself a teacher, a decent instrument and be prepared for those awful theory lessons. Finally, learn that song you love, because it’s pretty cool.


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