Lawson pay MP! HQ a visit – here’s the goss

Earlier this week the cheeky Lawson boys popped into MP! HQ to celebrate officially being the best pop website ever with an acoustic performance of their song ‘Red Sky’ and a couple of hobnobs. Fast forward approximately 600 seconds and we were talking getting naked, supporting The Wanted on their arena tour and when to expect their debut single and album release. And loads more things that your mum would kill us if we told you. Definite result.

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If people don’t know who you are, what are you about in 2 concise sentences?
ANDY: 2 sentences? *points at other members* You take one, you take one. JOEL: I’d say we’re like a pop rock band, we play guitars and stuff and say we’re somewhere between OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran. That’s one of my own. RYAN: I don’t know what to add to that, meaningful pop? ADAM: The Star wrote that. RYAN: We’ve extracted that word for word. JOEL: I think it’s pretty accurate. I’m really happy with that. ADAM: One said that, and one said a younger cooler Script. We’ll take both. Copy and paste.

You’re supportingThe Wanted on their arena tour. Give us the goss – something specific to make it exciting.
ADAM: The main thing that’s good about this one is, last time we did it we had the box. I had to play the box. We all played acoustic guitars, it was kinda understated. We went on, we introduced people to us a bit. This time, we’ve got full drums, guitars, amps, gonna go loud, and something very exciting involving the audience… ANDY: Take a few people out, bring them backstage, give them the proper Lawson treatment *wink* PR PERSON: Careful.

Please list the pros and cons of Ed Sheeran and the pros and cons of a baked potato.
ADAM: We think Ed is going to win every time. JOEL: We’re massive fans. ANDY: I’ve got his album in my car. We’d never say a bad word about him. MP!: And a baked potato? JOEL: The issue with a baked potato is they take so long to cook… [MP!: Ed Sheeran’s already red *laughs manically* *explains joke*] ANDY: Benefit of a baked potato. You can put butter on a baked potato. EVERYONE: You can put butter on Ed Sheeran too although he’s probably not into that. ADAM: Potato has hard skin, whereas Ed Sheeran has soft skin. I’m a big fan of faces and how soft they are. [MASSIVE CHAT ABOUT MEMBER OF MP! TEAM BEING NAKED]

New single, new album? When can we expect them?
ANDY: Our debut single is going to be coming out in Spring time. No set dates yet. Early May, April maybe. Second single over the Summer and an album end of Summer. The single isn’t decided yet but expect it in Spring. The single will be one of the tracks we play on the tour.


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What’s life on the road like? You’re going back in the van…
ADAM: Oh, we love it. RYAN: Everything you see picture wise with our arses all over the internet, that’s pretty much all that happens on tour. ADAM: We get very naked and watch a lot of DVDs. ADAM: Yeah the van smells pretty bad. JOEL: “We get naked and watch DVDs” doesn’t sound great. ANDY: We watch a lot of Mike Myers, Jim Carey. Our top 5… Austin Powers, Bear Grylls, Family Guy. We watched The Script. Just got the Friends box set so that will probably make an appearance on The Wanted tour, and 24. Just got 24. We spend A LOT of time in the van. 10 hours the other day. We started dancing to ‘Man In The Mirror’. ADAM: It turns you kinda mental. JOEL: When I got home I felt like I was floating. ANDY: I get really cravel sick me. ADAM: Cravel sick?!? ANDY: Cravel sick.

You just finished your own headline tour. Tell us about the madness.
ADAM: Highlight was the first night in Brighton. This girl popped out of the crowd onto the stage. As soon as two were on, the whole front row did a massive stage invasion. We didn’t know if we could keep on going as people were standing on pedals and stuff. Everyone was jumping around, having the best time ever. We’ll never forget that, it was great. Definite highlight. RYAN: There weren’t any lowlights y’know, I didn’t have one bad time. ANDY: 10 hour drive back from Glasgow? RYAN: Lowlight but it was a laugh. RYAN: Andrew Lloyd Webber came down to one night, big fan of Lawson, I think he’s trying to cast me as Jesus.

What about Fanfair who are joining you on The Wanted tour?
ANDY: Looking forward to spending time with them. They’re a great laugh. They came to our gigs a few times. We went out and checked them out, they’re actually very good. Great singers and that.

So you’re endorsing them? You think they’re cool?
RYAN: Just fancy them mainly.


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