Lauren Pope lets us in on her 5 hacks for flawlessly clipping in your hair extensions

No one ever wants to be caught in the wind and have the world see their hair extension attachments. This recently happened to poor Cheryl when she joined X Factor finalists Reggie N Bollie on their homecoming tour, but with these 5 hacks from Lauren Pope, it’ll never happen to you.

In her new YouTube video, Lauren shows us exactly how she goes from this:

Lauren Pope Hair Extensions

To this:

Lauren Pope Hair Extensions

In only a matter of minutes. Using these 5 hacks, you can master the clip-in hair extensions, too.

  1. Before placing in hair extensions, tease the roots with a fine toothed comb to create a secure foundation for the grips to attach to.
  2. Spray any backcombed hair with hairspray to ensure extra security
  3. Only place a hair extension in if you have two inches thickness of hair above the weft to cover any attachments. Anything less and slight movement or wind can end up exposing unsightly clips
  4. Try to keep the root colour of your hair the same as the extensions so that if any wefts are exposes, they aren’t easily recognised as hair extensions.
  5. Keep weft size equal to the area of the head you are applying. For example, a two clipped piece is perfect for the nape of the neck whereas a four clipped weft is more suitable for the space between the ears.

Grab yourself some extensions over at Hair Rehab London and watch Lauren’s video here to see exactly how she does it.

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Written by Jackie Kolgraf

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