Viner Lauren Lavoie slams the #Deadmonton trend and explains from her POV. SLAY!

If you are an avid follower of the OTRA tour and watching the videos as and when they’re going up, you’ll know all about the Edmonton show being particularly quiet in comparison to some of the other shows. Fans who didn’t attend the concert got pretty mad and even started #Deadmonton. Wow, pretty harsh.

However, one of our favourite viners, Lauren Lavoie, took to YouTube to make a rant about the fandom shaming the Canadian fans for “not being loud enough”.

In her 17 minute rant, Lauren shuts down the bitching from fans by giving pretty valid reasons as to why the crowd may not have seemed as loud as usual and why that shouldn’t matter. Here are 4 pointers we think were pretty legit reasons.

1. The venue was not prepared 

Edmonton gets a concert as big as 1D’s maybe once in every three years and with the world’s biggest boyband rocking up for a stop on their US/Canadian tour, it’s no surprise that the venue had no idea what to expect. “The lines were incredible. It’s not that we had to wait in line to get in. The doors opened and nobody moved,” Lauren explains.  “I’m talking thousands of people standing on a side walk all the way around a football stadium because there weren’t enough people scanning the tickets. These people missed part of One Direction. If you wanna run in there screaming in excitement after you’ve missed the first three songs, that’s great. Understandably, some people were pissed.”

We would be rather cheesed off, too, if we’re honest.

2. Security issues

We all know concert security can sometimes be tough, but it seems as though the Edmonton security were a little more tougher than other shows.

“People were literally told at a One Direction concert to stop screaming,” Lauren explains, slightly baffled. As are we. “People were told to stop putting their hands up, people were told to take down signs, told to put away their cameras.” Wow. That doesn’t really seem necessary to us.

3. Things didn’t run smoothly. At all. 

With the chaos of the entry and people having a hard time finding their seats, missing the beginning of the main act (and all of the support act), it was safe to say that things didn’t run smoothly for the fans or the venue. “Edmonton wasn’t ready for this concert. This was not the kind of concert they were ready for and it wasn’t something that ran smoothly. A lot of people were hesitant and uneasy. It wasn’t this comfortable vibe, it really was not. ”

4. Fans bullying the crowd online 

If it wasn’t bad enough that things didn’t run smoothly and the poor preparation for what was probably the biggest concert of the year for Edmonton, fans online began to get mean with the Canadian crowd for ‘not being loud enough’.

“Fans are posting their pictures [of the show] and people are saying ‘you’re an awful fan. Your fans were terrible. You didn’t scream, you were embarrasing.’ How do you think that feels?! I want you to think about your One Direction concert – if you’ve already gone or if you haven’t gone and instead of your friends being excited that you went, they’re bashing you. They’re making fun of you for your concert, for things you couldn’t control. Security wouldn’t even let me out of my section let alone run up and down the isles saying ‘Hey, ya’ll, could you be louder?’ and I can guarantee you that 90% of the people who were harassing on Twitter wouldn’t have said a damn word if they saw people being quiet at the concert. But they’re willing to say it when they’re behind a computer.”

We’re super glad, though, that Lauren said despite all that happened, the boys were amazing to see live and she wouldn’t change a thing (except the venue.) We’re also also super jealous of her sister, Joanne, for catching Harry’s water bottle!

Still disagree? Check out the whole video of Lauren’s rant below.

Love 1D and 5SOS? Check out Lauren on Vine with her sister, Joanne.

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