We chat with Viner Lauren Lavoie about her viral video, who she admires and sneezing on Michael Clifford!

Vine is such a huge community that has been building rapidly for ten years. We always hear about Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and the like, but what about other cool content creators who we should know about?


We’re interviewing less mainstream Viners that we think you definitely need to know about and love just as much as we do! We’ve spoken to Lauren Lavoie and had a chat about her experience with Vine.

What initially got you into making Vines? 

It was my sister Joanne, she had downloaded the app in the spring after it released and was telling me about it. Originally my goal was to attach my phone to my dog and use it like a puppy go pro. Suffice it to say that didn’t work at all, my dog judged me really hard, but that’s probably for the best.

What sort of content do you post to your channel? 
I post a lot of different things which isn’t really good if you’re trying to be “relatable” I guess, but think no person is just one thing. I post what comes to mind or whats happening in my life. I post positive reminders for my followers, vines of me goofing off with my sister, and just general bits of my life.

Which fellow Viners do you admire? 

There are so many but a lot of the people I look up to I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with as well, one of the reasons  I love social media so much. A few would have to be Madison Lawrence, Kurtis Conner, Ayitspnayo, Chrish, Paul Jackson, Mommakeys, Jeffrey Marsh, Jake Holland, and Nicholas Megalis.
How would you describe yourself in five words? 
Artsy, Aware, Compassionate, Positive, and Learning

If you could collab with anyone for a Vine, who would it be and why?
Jeffrey Marsh for sure. He is an incredible human being and has such a beautiful outlook on life. Not once has he let people stop him from posting kind and positive content, I admire him more than I have words for.
You’ve once had a Vine go pretty viral worldwide – how did that happen? 
It was a really odd situation with that one, after my sister and I filmed it we honestly didn’t find it all that funny. I realised I hadn’t posted for a few days and it was just sitting in my drafts, I figured why not? From there it just took off, people found it hilarious, and it really hasn’t slowed down since.

What would you say is the key to making a good Vine? 

Being yourself and doing what you know. Its clear when someone is trying to be something they’re not, and an audience wont respond to that. With social media being so intimate now, you really have no room for much of a facade. Posting frequently and interacting with your audience is also key.
What’s something we absolutely need to know about you?
I’m actually a teacher. People are always surprised by that, but the whole time I was on Vine I was going to school and getting my teaching degree. I now work as a substitute teacher, I think a lot of people forget social media personalities have lives that extend beyond the apps or websites that they use. I don’t think I ever have or ever will pursue social media as an actual career. Also if you want a weird fact, I’m terrified of escalators, like I cant stand them.
What can we expect from you in the future? 
I get so much support for my art through social media, so I will definitely keep at that. I guess as long as people want to see content on Vine I’ll be around to make it, it means a lot when I hear that something I have said has helped someone in someway. I also hope to make a little more Youtube content in the future as well!
This or that: 
Concert or Festival? 
Concert, I’m not the biggest fan of living in a tent.

Live in Harry Potter’s world or live a famous lifestyle? 
Sorry Hollywood, I’m going to Hogwarts. Harry Potter hands down.
Trip in front of someone famous or sneeze on your crush?
I’d go with trip in front of someone famous. Im pretty accident prone, so I’m used to falling. Plus, I don’t want to sneeze on Michael Clifford, I’d feel terrible haha >.<
An evening meal with a member of 1D or a theme park date with a member of 5SOS? 
Oh you guys are evil! This is so tough! As much as I’d love to pick Harry Styles brain for fashion tips, I don’t think I could get a full sentence out in front of him. Plus I think running around a theme park with Michael Clifford would be a pretty awesome day.
Pop punk or Pop Rock? 
Pop Punk for sure

Check out Lauren on Vine and follow her on Twitter!

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