Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui gives a life advice to her fans and admits she hates mornings.

Did you know that Lauren Jauregui is your soulmate? We bet that you and Fifth Harmony beauty have a lot of in common!


In new commercial video for Clean & Clear, Lauren admitted that she’s not a morning person at all – we totally get you, girl!

‘When I was in high school, it was incredibly hard to get up for me to get up in the morning.  My mom was, like, the bane of my existence’, confessed Lauren, ‘She’d just be like, ‘wake up,’ real loud and then turn on the lights, and take my covers. It was the worst!’

Oh god,  we all been here, Lauren. We love sleep as much as we love Fifth Harmony’s music.


Also, being the wise girl as she is, Ms Jauregui taught her fans how to hold the life together.

‘In high school, I was always doing something different. Volleyball, softball, art, choir, geography. For girls out there, I’d definitely say if something interests you, don’t be afraid to try it out’, said Lauren, ‘Once you find the things that you love in life – and the things that make you happy and inspire you – it’s just a lot easier to get up in the morning because you’re excited to do life’.


This is a great advice, Lauren. Listen up, Harmonizers!

Watch a full video here:



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