Lauren Jauregui spills EVERYTHING about her debut solo single and we actually can’t breathe

There are some pop events that we feel privileged to witness in our lifetime, and this is one of them.

One of MP!’s favourite queens, Lauren Jauregui, has given her fans the best early Christmas presents possible in the form of her debut solo single and it’s actually too much. No seriously. TOO MUCH!

Lauren celebrated the release by doing a super cute FB Live with her collaborators Marian Hill. You can check that out right here.

Look at how smiley she is!

Bless her Lauren seemed to struggle with actually using Facebook which we completely sympathise with (WE MUST PROTECT HER!) But what we wouldn’t give to have been that chewing gum she was chomping on.

We found out that the song was literally written in about 2 hours and that they ate pizza after making it. That sounds like how we would make music tbh.

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QUIZ: How well do you know the words to ‘Back to Me’ by Lauren Jauregui?


QUIZ: What % Lauren Jauregui are you? 


This is the most inspirational thing Lauren Jauregui has ever done!


Here’s what Lauren had to say about the collab, speaking to The Fader,

“I’m a huge fan of the duo and our connection is real. Being able to form a genuine connection with them and then write together on this track was such an honor. I’m happy to be able to give people a snippet of my vibe for the first time in collaboration with them. I’m very proud of this track so I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Marian Hill added:

“Somehow, in the midst of both of our schedules, we managed to make it happen. “Back To Me” began with the two of us on a plane and Lauren in a hotel room, ending with the recording in Jeremy’s bedroom. It has been our jam for the past several months. Now it belongs to you.”

BOOOOOOM! It’s ours now. Thank you for the gift of music, Lauren.

The full track will be available on iTunes and Spotify from midnight tonight.

Let us know your fave part of the FB Live using the comments box below.

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QUIZ: How well do you know the words to ‘Back to Me’ by Lauren Jauregui?