The next book from Lauren James is out of this world, and we can reveal the title!

If you’re not already a firm fan of Lauren James, firstly, why the heck not? Secondly, add ‘The Next Together’ and ‘The Last Beginning’ to your TBR without delay!


Because trust when we say we’ve got the deets on her upcoming book and it already has us sky rocketing with excitement. Here’s the scoop plus that all important AMAZE title:

Walker Books have signed her up for two more books, the first of which we know will be called:

‘The Loneliest Girl in the Universe’

We’re pretty much sold on that alone. What’s it about you say? It’s a romantic thriller… set in space! Yeehaw!

The concept is this- two reconnaissance ships sent out to find a new place for earth’s growing populations to live.


Romy and J are the sole occupants of these space flyers and they communicate via email. It’s an online relationship blossoming in a place where they might be the only two life forms (as we know it).


It looks like this story will take the term “long distance relationship” and test it to its very limits!

We’re super stoked, aren’t you? Tell us in the comments if this book is already on your auto-buy list. *claps*

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