Alarm Pop: Lauren Aquilina- ‘Sinners’

Welcome to Alarm Pop where we reinforce the belief that a grade A pop song a day keeps the doctor away.

We have taken a step away from our usual genre of song for Alarm Pop! Unfortunately, today’s Alarm Pop is not a female party anthem or a lead male vocal chanting “Yeah Yeah Yeah” throughout the chorus. It’s a beautiful ballad from the amazingly talented Lauren Aquilina.

We really can’t stress enough just how ubertalented Lauren is. She is a singer-songwriter and, according to her twitter, a biscuit enthusiast. She has worked incredibly hard over the past 18 months and her hard work has really paid off as she has sold out most of the venues that she is performing in this Summer.

Lauren’s haunting track ‘Sinners’ has sent tingles down our spine. It has a strong message of “following your dreams, even if the world disapproves”. We were hooked from the first listen. The song is beautifully crafted and suits Aquilina’s vocals perfectly. It reminds us of Christina Perry mixed Birdy and with just the right dollop of Gabrielle Aplin on top.

Give the touching track a listen below, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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