We can’t quite believe this but… LARRY HELD HANDS AT A MEET AND GREET LAST NIGHT.

We literally could not believe our eyes this morning when we woke up and scrolled through Twitter on this bright (kinda) Sunday morning.

Why did our timeline literally explode? Who died? Nobody. But Larry Stylison is reborn. You read it right, LOUIS TOMLINSON AND HARRY STYLES HELD HANDS AT A MEET AND GREET.


Right here.


This was literally MP! Towers this morning.

We just love their friendship so much.

All of this was thanks to One Direction fan Sofia who nabbed meet and greet tickets and practically forced (not quite) it to happen.

“I said, ‘Okay, Harry and Louis on my left please and Liam and Niall on my right’, and they got in their places…Then I said, ‘Okay, so can we please ALL hold hands please… And kind of hold them up’, then Harry grabbed Louis’ hand… And that’s when Louis made that smile he had in the second pic… The scrunched up smiley fond one.”

Awwwwww. Thank you very much Sofia, you have lit up our world like nobody else.

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