The winner is… Cover Drive vs Professor Green vs Lana Del Rey

UPDATE: After personally calling and thanking the 12 people who took the time to vote in last week’s Song of the Week poll, we can officially announce Lana Del Rey is the winner and is rewarded with a coveted spot somewhere on the right of the website. The real winners are obviously Cover Drive who were not only MP!’s pick of the week, but are currently 14 positions above Lana on iTunes, at number 1. Not that we took it personally or anything.

We don’t want to ruin this article but we’ve already decided that Twilight by Cover Drive is the best song in this week’s Song Off. Read on for a greater understanding of the thorough investigation that took place to reach this conclusion, plus vote and comment in a useless attempt to prove us wrong. Cover Drive Vs Lana Del Rey Vs Professor Green.

The contenders:

Cover Drive:

Professor Green:

Lana Del Rey:

Category One: Best use of “oh, oh, oh’s”

CD: It’s more of an “ooh la” than a “oh” but it’s frightfully addictive and catchy.

PG: The closest we get to an “oh” is the “oooooover” in the chorus. Not a great effort.

LDR: Absolutely no “oh”‘s at all. But it probably wouldn’t sound appropriate in a track like this, so we’ll forgive her.

The winner: Cover Drive

Category Two: Best chorus

CD: Catchy, summery and simple. But we can’t help but love the acoustic version more…

PG: It might not be as upbeat as Cover Drive’s, but it is sung very beautifully by the very beautiful Ed Drewett, so we can’t complain.

LDR: Stirring and subtle. The only problem we have is that it sounds a little too familiar to debut single ‘Video Games’ – it would have been nice to see her try something different.

The winner: Lana Del Rey

Category Three: Best video

CD: Well admit it, we’re just getting jealous staring at those sunlit settings whilst we’re stuck here in rainy  London.

PG: We had no idea Professor Green was such a good actor! A nice and surprisingly emotional tale of two people falling out of love, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Prof by the end.

LDR: Not as impressive as her previous homemade videos, and the supposedly shocking imagery (including Lana’s lifeless body covered in blood) isn’t really our cup of tea.

The winner: Professor Green

Category Four: Best live version

CD: Recorded exclusively for us, the acoustic version of ‘Twilight’ is even more poptastic and enjoyable than the original!

PG: Treating BBC Radio 1 listeners to a stripped back version in the Live Lounge, Pro Green sounds quite emotional – but Ed Drewett was apparently unable to join him for vocal duties, so he loses points for that.

LDR: Lana admits that she’s not the best live performer, and unfortunately we’ll have to agree. Not her worst rendition, but definitely sounds more like Born To Snooze.

The winner: Cover Drive

The award goes to… Cover Drive! Let’s face it, it’s been a dark and moody month and the last thing we need is ballads choking up the airwaves. Don’t agree that Cover Drive’s island pop is the best of the bunch? Cast your votes in the poll below and we’ll reveal YOUR winner of this week’s Song Off on Monday!

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