7 pieces of ‘Lady Midnight’ fan art that will make you feel things

Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter world literally begs to be brought to life in beautiful pieces of fan art, and ‘Lady Midnight’ is no exception. A new story with new feels and new ‘ships… it was inevitable. Art happened.


We’ve collated some of our favourite pieces so far from fan covers to OTPs; it’s all here. So, sit back and feast your eyes on all this gorgeousness…

  1. We love how full of personality this piece is. Such a keen attention to detail.


by Cassandra Jean

2. This made us want to know what Emma is thinking right here…


by Phantom Rin

3. Prepare for cuteness! A little Emma and Jules:


by HauntedDuckPrincess

4. Emma and Cristina- female friendship at its best.


by HauntedDuckPrincess

5. We love these cover imaginings. Wouldn’t this look super cool with your collection?


by Martange

6. This one too!


by kim-beurre-lait

7. Aw, gee. This last one got us right in the feels.


By Black Hana

It’s all so GORGEOUS and inspiring, right? Have you made any ‘Lady Midnight’ fan art? We’d love to see it! Tweet us @maximumpopbooks

Also, it’s never too late to get on the Dark Artifices band wagon! You can get your copy of ‘Lady Midnight’ here.

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