Lady Gaga is one of the most inspiring people ever and here’s why

Lady Gaga has always been seen as one of the weirdest parts of pop music, but she’s so much more than that – she’s an inspiration.

Following the suicides of some of her fans around the ‘Born This Way’ release, Gaga decided to start the Born This Way Foundation, to show teenagers that they’re not alone, no matter how dark of a place they’re in.

You might think how Lady Gaga is part of all of this, besides being the founder of the foundation. She revealed that she was and still is suffering from depression and anxiety and she has also been a victim of sexual assault. She was brave enough to even write a song about it to raise awareness to the college rape culture and you should definitely watch the music video. (Warning: This might be triggering for you because it shows scenes of sexual assault and depression, so watch with caution.)

For her, the hardest part about the sexual assault was accepting that it happened and that it messed her up really badly and she didn’t tell anyone for years, but with the Born This Way foundation she wants to give victims the opportunity to talk about what happened and get better.

The main problems for the teens she’s spoken to are depression and anxiety and she sees the internet as part of the problem, which we can honestly agree on, what with how much we spend online.

Gaga’s main aim is to make teens feel like they’re less alone, to make them build friendships with each other and for this, she’ll rightfully be honored with the Billboard 2015 Woman of the Year Award and her foundation is also set to collaborate with Elton John’s Aids Foundation.

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