Labrinth thinks One Direction would win in a fight against The Wanted. POP BITS

POP BITS. It’s the pop feud that everyone is talking about (and has been for quite some time). The 1D/The Wanted feud has had it’s ups, downs and downright crazy moments. There has been sass, chlamydia and crying nans and their seems to be no end in sight. But could the spat lead to fisticuffs? Labrinth thinks it might.

When speaking with MP! reporter, Jon Hornbuckle, Labrinth was asked about the popstar rivalry and he didn’t hold back. “One Direction would win in a fight against The Wanted because of all their fans that would turn up behind them, it would just be insane. They would win by numbers”.

You are not wrong there, Labby (can we call you Labby?) 1D have some loyal fans and being the biggest boyband in the world, there are plenty of Directioners around the globe ready to jump to the boys defence… or to kill kittens! POP BITS OUT.

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