Labrinth interview – Music And Me

In-demand-producer and causer of earthquakes Labrinth answers MP!’s Q&A on his musical history:

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The first song I remember hearing is…
‘Oh Happy Day’ from Sister Act 2.
The first song I bought was…
‘Purple Rain’ by Prince.
I listen to my music mostly on…
What music-moment first made you think “I want to be a pop star”
Seeing Celine Dion live in concert on TV.
Have you ever illegally downloaded a song?
I haven’t illegally downloaded any songs, but I have friends that have given me illegally downloaded songs.
What’s the most played song on your iTunes?
‘Electric Relaxation’ by A Tribe Called Quest.
How many songs do you have in iTunes?
The most shameful?
Cinderella – soundtrack to the film.
If you could make 3 artists more known who would they be and why?
a) Etta Bond – Because she’s signed to my record label, she is a great singer, and I’ve been working with her for years and she needs her shot.
b) Raffie Riley – I signed him because he’s a great artist, and great producer, his beats are insane.
c) My sister, she’s an amazing singer and she needs to get out there.


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Can you play any musical instruments?
I can do my thing on the guitar, piano, drums, and bass.
Can you make a musical note using your body? Or shape?
Yeah! Of course I can :)
What song do you wish you had written and why?
‘The Sound Of Silence’ by Simon & Garfunkel.
Last album you bought and regretted playing?
I’ve never done that.
What do you listen to when you’re feeling sad?
What’s your getting ready song?
‘Get Down On It’ by Kool & The Gang.
Last album you bought?
Emeli Sandé – Our Version Of Events.
Best album ever?
The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill
Favourite music video?
Busta Rhymes – ‘Woo Hah! Got You All In Check’.
What radio station do you listen to?
Pirate radio stations.
Is your iTunes collection organised?
Not at all.
Best artist you discovered on YouTube?
Yet to be discovered.


Fancy seeing more of Lab? Well you’re in luck – tickets for his new tour are available right here.

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